The System

The 'Pick-and-choose-on-the-day' principle

We understand that your experience and interest might vary for Balboa and Shag. You may want to focus on one dance style only, or to sample both. We won't ask you to sign up for a particular level or style in advance. The choice is yours; create your own journey on the day.

Schedule and levels

All the Cats Join In has a unique schedule with a mix of Balboa and Shag classes. The instructors will teach material at four challenge levels. Please carefully read the descriptions below to get a good idea of what you can expect from each level. Before you join a class, ask yourself: "Do my abilities in this dance style match the level of the class?"

You help to make this system work

There will be no level review and no level police. We encourage you to choose classes freely within your ability, including those at a lower level. Please be considerate of the other dancers in class by refraining from taking a more advanced level than you are ready for. Remember: our teachers are professionals and will have something special to offer in every level.

What this all means for you

There will be broader mix of skill levels of students in the classes compared to traditionally streamed workshop events. Let's embrace a spirit of participation at this event: everyone is welcome!

Challenge levels


Our Puma classes are for those seeking to find their feet in either dance style and those wanting to review their fundamentals. We recommend you join our Friday night taster classes to learn the basic steps that will be required knowledge in Puma classes from Saturday onwards. Our instructors will work on building your vocabulary while focusing on good partner connection. You will start learning about dancing to the music, simple stylings, and better technique to make the dance feel great. Our aim is to get you out there onto the social dance floor, feeling comfortable dancing full songs of Balboa or Shag beyond the basics.


To benefit from Tiger classes you will need to be ready to push yourself a bit more. You've been dancing for a little while and are keen to work on some new ideas. The instructors will help you develop your technical skills further and get to the next level of leading and following. These classes will suit you if you are confident dancing the common figures and variations you typically see on the social dance floor. Join a Tiger class if you are ready to work on finesse, musicality and the tiny details that make a huge difference to the way the dances look and feel.


Up for the next challenge? To get the most out of Cheetah classes, you should be an accomplished social dancer and be able to have a great dance with anyone whatever their level. You can handle some trickier moves and variations and can pick up new concepts quickly. In Cheetah classes, the instructors are likely to ask you to try something new or unusual. Be prepared to stretch your mind, and to do so with good faith and enthusiasm. At this level, entire sessions are often spent on one aspect of technique. If you are more interested in the quality of movement than quantity of moves, these classes will suit you.


Panther classes will be for the very top level dancers in either style; the scene leaders or local teachers, and those who travel frequently to progress their dancing. These sessions are a playground for like-skilled dancers at a masters level who are ready to dive deep into the advanced concepts our international instructors will introduce. They will ask you to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and think critically about your dancing. Dance geeks who are used to working professionally and at a fast pace will feel right at home in panther classes.


We're currently planning our schedule of workshops to be held over three days from Saturday 9th to Monday 11th of March 2019. Stay tuned for details!


Class venue

Our workshop venue is The Space in Prahran. The entrance is in Carlton street.

Plenty of street parking is available in the area, and the studios can be easily reached by train, tram and bus. All of their stunning studios feature sprung wooden floors and lots of space. Many cafés and restaurants are located nearby in Chapel street.

The Space
318 Chapel St,
Prahran VIC 3181
Phone (03) 9529 3949

A map of the workshops and evening venues is shown here.