Game Credits

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making ATCJI 2020 a successful and spectacular event:

Swing Patrol Directors:
Scott Cupit, Claudia Funder
Event managers and Artistic Directors:
Julia Wharington, John Wharington
Party managers
Nicki Jackson, Mel Smith, Ian Caughley, Mark Switzer
Crew manager and Front of house manager
Caitlin Bennett
Front of house workshops
Francesca Hoban-Ryan, Claudia Funder
Graphic design
Stephanie Bradley
John Wharington
Marketing and Social media
Mark Switzer
Stephanie Bradley, Julia Wharington
Fudz Qazi
John Wharington
Dinner cooks
Ashley McLean, Denise Cox
Showbags stamping
Vivan Cantera
Prep and site crew
Monique Kittler, Kendall Brewer, Charlotte Round, Krystel Chevallier, Adam Celeban-Ryan, Squish Falzon, Caroline Ondracek, Dave Shackleford, Moriah Hurst, Libby Gardiner, Marion Christie, Ella Emperio, Jorge Lopez
Door crew
Hannah Poppins, Nicole Alexander, Marion Christie, Ella Emperio, Mike Brooks, Lily Chen, Amy Campbell, Jorge Lopez, Libby Gardiner, Merilyn Pidgeon, Caroline Ondracek, Monique Kittler, Kym Greenwood, Charlotte Round, Moriah Hurst, Catherine Pogonowski
Monica McNab, David Milanese
Class surveyor
Luke Serrano
Instructors and Competition judges
Andreas Olsson, Annabelle Hale, Arnas Razgunas, Blake Thiessen, Egle Nemickaite, Jo Calanglang, Lainey Silver, Mel Calanglang, Nial Bruce, Olga Marina
Guest instructors
Alex Flore, Andy Fodor, Caitlin Bennett, Shob Nambiar, Squish Falzon, Vivian Cantera
Instructors' aides
Kara Martin, Gen Wallis
Mel Smith, JC Storace, Sarah Wheaton, Julia Wharington, John Wharington
Music manager
Julia Wharington
Arnas Razgunas, Dan Carruthers, Julia Wharington, Mel Calanglang, Tyler Holmes
Live music
Manhatton Hot Swing, Chonk
John Harvey (HB Audio), Luke Serrano
Competition managers and Adjudicators
Ian Caughley, Mel Smith
Pizza catering (Fri)
Ian Caughley
Lunch catering (Mon)
Fat Cat food truck
Bar (Fri, Sat, Sun)
The Space and ATCJI
Accommodation coordinator
Nicki Jackson
Decorations and themes design
John Wharington, Caitlin Bennett, Mark Switzer, Nicki Jackson, Mel Smith, Ian Caughley, Julia Wharington, Stephanie Bradley
The Cat's Pyjamas sponsors
Open Air Shuffle & Swing Patrol's Club Maxie's
The Space Dance & Arts Centre, Elsternwick Park Sports Club

A heart-felt thank-you to everyone who attended, and especially to those who travelled interstate and internationally!

Due to popular demand, our merchandise is available, including from previous years!