You'll love where we take you in 2018

Hop aboard and come on a journey with us to Australia’s premier event for Bal-cats and Shag-cats!

Travel in style with two popular college dances from the jazz age — Balboa and Collegiate Shag — for a long weekend holiday, jam-packed full of swingin' goodness.

Friday 9th - Monday 12th of March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia


  • An instructor line-up of the highest caliber: six top international and four Australian instructors, sharing their expertise and joy for the dances with you.
  • An extended, three-day workshop schedule, catering to beginners all the way through to masters, allowing you to choose your own journey of dance style and suitable challenge level.
  • Four nights of social dancing, with two amazing live bands and the finest DJs that will make you wish the night would never end.
  • A festival where all cats are welcome to come and mingle, meet old and make new friends, and join the celebration of Balboa and Shag.

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