We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making ATCJI 2019 a successful and spectacular event:

Swing Patrol Directors:
Scott Cupit, Claudia Funder
Event managers and Artistic Directors:
Julia Wharington, John Wharington
Social event managers:
Nicki Jackson, Mel Smith, Ian Caughley
Crew manager and front of house manager:
Kerryn Hyde
Door crew:
Mike Brooks, Yvette Esler, Emma Smadbeck, Ari Levi, Belinda Stopar, Libby Gardiner, Tania Sabatino, Michelle Teunon, Trina Lewis, Francesca Hoban Ryan, Sandra Frank
Prep and site crew:
Brydie McLatchie, Yvette Esler, Emma Smadbeck, Ari Levi, Libby Gardiner, Michelle Teunon, Caroline Ondracek, Vedrana Budimir, Tracy Heness, Ashley Mclean, Nicole Alexander, Eve Rudorf, Sandra Frank, Marion Christie
Instructors and competition judges:
Annabelle Hale, Nial Bruce, Derek Carruthers, Trish Carruthers, Irina Amzashvili, Blake Thiessen, Olga Marina, Andreas Olsson, Egle Nemickaite, Arnas Razgunas
Melinda Smith, JC Storace, Sarah Wheaton, Julia and John Wharington
Music manager:
Julia Wharington
Live music:
The Swingonauts and Chonk
Robert Edwards, Tyler Holmes, Emma Hadfield, Kate Patsky, Arnas Razgunas, Julia Wharington
John Harvey (HB Audio), Luke Serrano
Competition managers and Adjudicators:
Ian Caughley, Melinda Smith
Instructor's aides:
Luke Serrano, Vivian Cantera, Tyler Holmes
John Wharington, Derek Carruthers
Graphic design:
Stephanie Bradley
Stephanie Bradley, Julia Wharington
Fudz Qazi
Nicki Jackson and John Wharington
Marketing and social media:
Julia Wharington
Pizza catering:
Ian Caughley
Birthday cakes:
Stephanie Bradley
Lunch catering:
Fat Cat Food Truck
The Space and ATCJI
Accommodation coordinator:
Nicki Jackson
Decorations and theme design:
John Wharington, Nicki Jackson, Mel Smith, Ian Caughley, Julia Wharington, Stephanie Bradley
The Cat's Pyjamas sponsors:
Open Air Shuffle and Club Maxie's
James Philipsen, Monica McNab, Asha Sebastian

A heart-felt thank-you to everyone who attended, and especially to those who travelled interstate and internationally!

Due to popular demand, our merchandise is available, including from previous years!